The 2016 annual meeting is now finished and was a great success.  Please keep your eyes on this page (and the TAS website) for updates about meetings, membership, and the journal.  We hope to add new features to this website over the summer. 

Christopher Vitek
Coordinator of Information Technology

PLEASE NOTE - if you were a student member who graduated or are no longer a student and want to remain a member, please contact us prior to renewing your membership!  If you need to change your membership type for some other reason, just send us as email and we can help you out!

PLEASE NOTE - if you submitted an abstract, that is a separate account from your TAS membership.  That username & password will not work on this website.



We have a new FAQ available for frequently asked questions!  Have a question about membership, logging in, registration, or anything else?  Check the FAQ first!  (Last link on the menu)