altPast President's Message

By now I hope you all have returned safely home from the 117th Annual Meeting.  It was a wonderful time at Texas A&M University Galveston - thank you, Dr. Tom Linton and the wonderful local committee members who made it all possible!  The Annual Meeting is the product of months of planning and hard work by many members.  Special thanks to Program Chair, Dr. Chris Ritzi, your new President.  Dr. Chris Vitek took over in 2013 as Coordinator of Information Technology, and played a key role in the success of the meeting.  Collegiate Academy Counselor Linda Southwick and Co-Counselor Lynn McCutchen organized the undergraduate paper and poster competition.   Dr. Jason Locklin coordinated the graduate student paper competition and successfully solicited several donations for student awards.   Dr. Don Harper coordinated the Research Awards competition.  Section Chairs, the backbone of the Academy, reviewed abstracts, moderated sessions and recruited judges.  Dr. Danette Vines chaired the awards committee that selected our Distinguished Texas Scientist, Dr. Michelle Bushey, and Outstanding Texas Educator, Mr. Mark Misage.  Executive Secretary Dr. Frank Dirrigl took over in 2013 and handled meeting registration and communication with the membership through email for the first time.  I want to thank Past President Dr. Cathy Early for her help at the banquet, and in administering the board officer elections.  There are many others to thank, and I hope each of you will take a few moments to say thank you to at least one TAS member who worked to put this meeting together.

Cindy Hobson
Immediate Past President
(512) 389-8195

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