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Membership benefits include:
  1. Network with other Texas scientists
  2. Receive The Texas Journal of Science
  3. Attend the annual meeting
  4. If you are a student, you can then compete in our student competitions at the annual meetings (TAS has provided over $100,000 in research funding since 2000)
  5. Access to directory of Texas scientists

Now accepting dues for current calendar yearMembership is for the calendar year, and will expire on December 31 of the year you join.  Join or renew your membership here!

Membership dues vary based on your membership type.  Please click on the appropriate membership type to join.  Please note, following the most recent vote at the annual meeting, TAS memberships have changed somewhat.  Please make sure you select the correct membership type.

Any academic institution (school/college/university) or scientific corporation (including companies and libraries) may request a journal subscription.  To do so, please contact the membership secretary here.  They are not eligible for voting.   

Regular Membership ($40)
  • Any person engaged in scientific work or in the promotion of science is eligible for membership  upon payment of dues. Regular Members shall have voting privileges and receive all publications, mailings and other privileges established by the Board of Directors.  
Student Membership ($20)
  • Student Membership shall be open to any student enrolled in an high school, undergraduate, or graduate program at a recognized degree-granting institution. Eligibility for Undergraduate Student Membership and all rights, privileges and benefits shall be the same as for Regular Membership except that the annual dues may be reduced.  If a student graduates or leaves the school for some reason, they will no longer be eligible for Undergraduate Student Membership (please contact if you need to change your membership type from Undergraduate Student Member).
Emeritus Membership ($10)
  • Emeritus Membership shall be open to retired Members in good standing for at least ten (10) years who are at least sixty (60) years of age (please contact to verify eligibility). Emeritus Membership shall have all the rights, privileges and benefits of Regular Membership except that annual dues may be reduced. 
Patron Membership ($80)
  • A person who chooses to support the Academy by paying a minimum of two times the annual Regular Member dues shall be listed as a Patron.  All rights, privileges, and benefits shall be the same as for Regular Members.


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