The Collegiate Academy (Undergraduate Researchers)

Important update! 

 The deadline to submit your reimbursement request has been extended to March 25th.

 All institutions with an active Collegiate Chapter may be eligible for up to $500 reimbursement of travel expenses. Please follow the steps outlined below:

 Complete the Reimbursement Form: Fill out the travel reimbursement form in its entirety. Be sure to include all personal information and details regarding your travel expenses.

  1. Gather Supporting Documents: Attach all relevant receipts and documentation supporting your travel expenses. This includes hotel invoices, flight tickets, conference registration receipts, and any other applicable expenses  (which includes mileage, gas, rental cars, food, or hotels, but not registration fees).
  2. Review for Accuracy: Before submitting, please review your form and supporting documents to ensure accuracy and completeness. This step is essential to prevent delays in processing your reimbursement.
  3. Submit by the Deadline: All reimbursement requests must be submitted by the extended deadline of March 25, 2024.
  4. Fill out this form to update your Student Chapter information,

Thank you for your participation in the TAS 127th Annual Meeting and for your prompt attention to this request. We look forward to supporting you through this process and ensuring that your experience with TAS continues to be positive and rewarding.

The Collegiate Academy represents the undergraduate constituency of the Texas Academy of Science. The Collegiate Academy works to promote research and scientific engagement at the undergraduate level. To this end, Collegiate Chapters may be established at Texas institutions and monetary awards are presented to assist in travel and to reward undergraduates presenting in both oral and poster media at the annual meetings.

Annual Student Research Award Competition 

The Texas Academy of Science announces the annual student research award competition. Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the on-line meeting.  The competition includes three categories: PhD., M.S. and B.S./B.A. students. There are three awards in each category. The awards and amounts are as follows:  first place - $2,000, second place - $1,500, and third place - $1,000. Please click on this link for more details.

Undergraduate Awards:

At the annual meetings, we have two categories of awards presented to undergraduates:

  • First, second and third place awards for oral presentations
  • First, second and third place awards for poster presentations

All undergraduates submitting abstracts for either oral or poster presentations are automatically included in the competition. Judging occurs at the annual meeting as directed by each Section Chair (see Oral and Poster Judging Forms). Winners are determined by the average of the judges’ scores. We announce awards at the meeting banquet. The winner must be present at the banquet to accept the award.

How to establish a Collegiate Academy chapter at your institution:

Any science club or equivalent organization for undergraduate students in the college and universities of Texas is eligible for affiliation with the TAS Collegiate Academy by meeting the following requirements:

  • having a membership of ten (10) or more student members, at least five (5) of whom are Student Members of TAS;
  • having a faculty sponsor who is a member of TAS. 

To become affiliated, the organization should send a request for affiliation to the Collegiate Academy Counselor (see below) along with a copy of the bylaws or constitution of the organization and a membership roster which indicates that five or more members are Student Members of TAS. The Collegiate Academy Counselor will then verify eligibility and issue a charter to the new Chapter.

Annual renewal is required. The Annual Chapter Affiliation Renewal Form will easily allow each Chapter to submit the current year's membership roster and update contact information for the Chapter Sponsor.

Chapter Travel Reimbursements

Each eligible Chapter may submit receipts for up to $400 for reimbursement of expenses associated with attending the annual meeting (which includes mileage, gas, rental cars, food, or hotels, but NOT registration fees). The Chapter Sponsor may download and fill out the Annual Meeting Chapter Reimbursement Form and give this, with attached receipts, to the Collegiate Academy Counselor at the annual meeting.

Chapter Highlights in the Texas Scientist

Activities of the Collegiate Chapters will also be highlighted in the Texas Scientist (newsletter of the TAS). Chapter Sponsors can contact the TAS Corresponding Secretary (see below), with all updates. Sponsors are encouraged to send in updates on a regular basis if possible.

Inquiries regarding the Collegiate Academy should be directed to:


Milka O. Montes, PhD

TAS Collegiate Academy Counselor
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Chemistry

[email protected]