Texas Academy of Science Five Year Strategic Plan

Overarching Strategic Goal: Increase the visibility and effectiveness of the Texas Academy of Science in promoting strong science in Texas.

1. Broaden the annual meeting to increase visibility and effectiveness of TAS.

  • Move to a multi-day annual meeting.
  • Establish an Annual Meeting Planning Committee to increase effectiveness of the annual meeting.

2. Increase the value of TAS membership.

  • Increase the membership and diversity of the academy.
  • Increase educational focus of the academy.

3. Reorganize the structure of TAS to increase diversity and effectiveness of the academy.

  • Reorganize the section structure of TAS and strengthen the role of sections in the academy.
  • Strengthen existing standing committees and add new standing committees.
  • Reorganize the membership of the TAS Board of Directors.
  • Increase diversity within the leadership of TAS.

4. Increase visibility and effectiveness of TAS through its publications.

  • Increase national impact of the Texas Journal of Science.
  • Explore the possibility of additional publications that reflect other activities of the academy.

5. Increase professional and public engagement with TAS.

  • Increase the frequency and quality of communication with the membership of TAS and with the public.
  • Sponsor activities and materials that promote professional development of Texas scientists and public engagement with science.
  • Create linkages between TAS and other state science organizations.

6. Increase sources of revenue and control expenses of the academy to ensure long-term sustainability of TAS.

  • Create policies to ensure financial integrity of TAS.
  • Increase efforts toward fund raising.
  • Separate the funding of the annual meeting and other expenses of the academy.

Approved by the Board of Directors at the March 1, 2012 meeting in Alpine.

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