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please contact [email protected] or [email protected])

The Texas Academy of Science promotes scientific research in Texas colleges and universities, encourages research as a part of student learning and enhances the continuing development of its professional and student members.  First founded by teachers as the Academy of Science in Texas in 1880, the organization as we know it now emerged around 1929 and included a physicist, a botanist, a mathematician and two biologists as its founding members.  Now, TAS publishes a peer-reviewed journal (The Texas Journal of Science since 1949), conducts an annual meeting that highlights research across 16 sections that include disciplines across the sciences and provides expert testimony on policy issues related to STEM or science education.  The majority of current TAS members are students.

Since 1998, TAS has awarded over $90,000 directly to support research of more than 100 students across all educational levels (B.S. or B.A., M.S. and Ph.D.).  Some of our early student award winners now hold faculty or research positions in Texas (i.e. Matt Barnes at Texas Tech, Matt Chumchal at TCU, Travis LaDuc now at UT-Austin, Robert Puckett at Texas A&M, and Jason Locklin at Temple College).  Others award winners continue to work toward completion of their Ph.D.s in highly-competitive programs.  Each one can describe how even a small grant award made a difference in their life as a scientist.

Annually, TAS seeks to:

  1. Provide a competitive grant competition for research awards to students
  2. Recognize excellence in presentation skills, both oral and poster presentations
  3. Supply funding to local TAS Student Chapters for travel to meetings

All donated funds are tax deductible.  For the annual meeting, we offer the option of a table for Vendors that can be combined with any of five donation levels, each with specific benefits.  Each donation level receives all the benefits of the lower donation levels as well. Donation made after the registration deadline for a particular meeting will be included in the following years meeting information.


Donation Level Donation Amount Benefits Received
Bluebonnet <$100 Thank you for your donation!
Mockingbird $100 to $249 Your name listed as a donor on our sponsors page and on the annual meeting webpage for the current calendar year.
Pecan Tree $250 to $1000 Previous tier, plus name listed in the annual meeting program book and mentioned during the annual meeting banquet.
Lone Star >$1,000 Previous tiers, plus an invitation to the presidents breakfast at the annual meeting. We encourage anyone donation >$1,000 to reach out directly to [email protected] or [email protected] directly for arrange their donation.

To reflect out inaugural year of the development drive, all donors at Bluebonnet or higher will be listed on the
Donor Honor roll poster at the annual meeting.


Exhibitor table at the meetings:  $300

(price may increase if purchased after the deadline for early bird registration)

 Sponsors, vendors, and non-profit organizations  can request a table at the next annual meeting of the Texas Academy of Science.  The cost for a table is $300.  To purchase a table at the meeting, please make sure to select the "exhibitor table" option on the form. Anyone purchasing an exhibition table get one free registration for the conference with the purchase.  Additional attendees will need to register as per normal.


Please note, this current list of donation levels, benefits, and amounts may be changed in the future.  Any benefits you receive from a donation will be based on the benefits available at the time of donation.


* The meeting abstract page is available year round, although it is usually not accessed following the annual meeting. 
The page will be "reset" approximately 2 months prior to the next annual meeting.  Logos or names will be added as donations are received.
** The annual meeting information page is initially available approximately 4 to 5 months prior to the annual meeting,
and will be available up to 6 months after the meeting.  Logos or names will be added as donations are received.