Guidelines for Poster Presentations



Posters will be displayed on poster boards with a usable space 3 feet tall x 4 feet wide (landscape) or 4 feet tall x 3 feet wide (landscape). Posters should be mounted on poster boards using pushpins.


  • All material should be legible from distances of at least three feet.

  • Posters must be placed on poster boards prior to the Poster Session on the day(s) your poster is scheduled, as per program schedule.

  • Posters must remain on the boards during the Poster Session for viewing.

  • Bring only items which can be mounted on poster boards. There will be no electrical or projection capabilities provided.

  • All items for posting should be prepared in advance, with posting alone remaining. Graphic supplies will not be available.

  • Since we anticipate, and encourage, more poster viewing and readership outside the judging time periods, we suggest that contact emails (or other contact details you are comfortable with) associated with the presenter, be clearly noted on the poster to encourage further communication during the meeting.